Real estate company, characteristics and tax advantages

Investing in real estate is the challenge that many face, also given the values ​​achieved by the sector, then there are those who, having built up a considerable amount of ownership, need to manage and make the most of their properties. In both cases the solution could be to make use of a specialized real estate company, a structure that can also serve the needs of one or more companies local real estate brokers in Las Vegas, NV.

In a company, as well as in the assets of a family, the share of real estate may in fact have formed from the investment of a temporary surplus of financial resources, thus we find ourselves with a portfolio of buildings that must be managed for the part exceeding the needs. of the family and those of the company.

An asset which, in addition to generating income in the form of rents, is also a source of maintenance costs and costs and gives rise to a flow of income and expenses that involve a certain management complexity.

It should also be borne in mind that in addition to taxes, the performance of these goods is affected by the failure to recover the VAT paid on all services and goods used and used in management.

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The real estate company therefore comes into play to maximize the return on managed assets and to make the tax burden more efficient, through what in literature is known as the real estate spin-off: the separation of real estate investments from the ordinary management activity of the company.

In this way, management is freed from the burden of a management that involves activities and uses far from those of the core business, with the effect of improving at the same time the yield of the real estate assets entrusting it to an administration with specific skills.

Conceptually, the spin-off can also be reproduced outside the company in the optimization of asset management; identifying properties by giving them the guise of an autonomous company, however, has several positive sides. On the fiscal level to begin with. The 20% paid in VAT is fully recovered, you can benefit from particular exemptions on registration tax and other taxes, a wider possibility of managing debt and financial leverage.

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