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US immigration lawyer in Toronto, ON and how You find One

The immigration lawyer must check all possible routes for you. If you are found eligible, the immigration lawyer must submit an appropriate application for permanent residency based on employment or a business.

  • Green card (permanent residency).
  • Green card based on family ties (family reunification).
  • Employment-based green card (eb-1, eb-2) – the United States has 5 types of visas and permanent residency on an employment basis. These visas are marked eb-1 through eb-5. These are usually managers or senior executives in companies, people with advanced degrees, clerics, etc.

Various types of visas

It is said there are several types of visas. For example, there is a u.s.Visa is given to diplomats, airline employees, students, reporters, etc. There is also a visa to work in the United States, which is a visa that can be temporary or permanent and is given to first-degree relatives of someone who is a u.s.Citizen. There is also an immigration visa for family reunification. There are also temporary visas that allow for several actions or objectives, and it is called a “regular visa” and is considered type b1 or b2.

Law of The State

The law states that any person applying for a regular (temporary) visa will have the burden of proof to prove that his intention is not to immigrate to the United States. The applicant for this visa needs to convince and bring evidence that he has a center of life in his residence, along with checking marital status, profession, organized work, assets, etc. All of which could indicate a center of life. It should be noted that the consul will be convinced by the totality of the circumstances and not something specific. The consul is the decider and should not be appealed (not even in court). Therefore, many times young people are refused a visa because they cannot prove the center of their life.

us immigration lawyer in Toronto, ON,will handle the entire application process, including from the stage of clarifying eligibility to receive the passport or sunrises until it is received.


Get Best Services From Boston Tax Attorney!

Do you have issues with your business, your estate, or your offshore assets? If you have a problem, don’t worry; this article will introduce you to a Boston Tax Attorney who will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns related to a serious issue. To learn more about it, see this article.

Experienced IRS Tax Attorneys 

The tax attorneys and enrolled agents of McMahon & Tivnan have a combined experience of more than 100 years investigating and defending IRS and state tax disputes. All of the senior attorneys and experts have experience as Revenue Agents or Revenue Officers and are former IRS Attorneys or IRS Appeals Officers. That means they understand what goes into a tax audit, appeal, or litigation, as well as how to best deal with the IRS.

How does the Boston Tax attorney help you?

Boston Tax Attorney has a unique solution for every one of your problems. They determine the source of your issue and then address it.

  1. It assists you in resolving your tax issue.

Clients frequently come to us perplexed and unsure about how to continue. Whether you’ve recently gotten an IRS or state audit notice or are in the middle of an appeals process, Boston Tax Attorneywill assess your position, explain your alternatives, and work with you to address your tax problems.

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  1. Assists businesses in completing their tax returns

It’s only federal and state tax problems at McMahon & Tivnan. When you choose them, you can rest assured that you will be working with an experienced tax attorney rather than someone who just handles tax matters on occasion.

tax lawyer

Types of business problems solved?

Employment and payroll taxes, trust fund recovery penalties, excise tax, income tax audits, sales and use tax audits, and self-employment tax audits are just a few of the most typical tax issues that businesses encounter.


So, start with a Boston Tax Attorney and get the most dependable services without having to worry about anything else, and live a stress-free life.


Divorce Process in Singapore

In Singapore, divorce is a 2 stage process for uncontested and contested divorces. In the 1st stage, the dissolution of the marriage happens in which the court is deciding whether the marriage is irretrievably broken or what. If it is true, then the court will grant the interim judgment for officially dissolving the marriage.

In the 2nd stage, divorce is known as the stage of the ancillary matter. In this, the court will decide on how the affairs of the parties can be dealt with. This affair includes child custody and spousal maintenance.

Parties will only be able to apply for making the interim judgment after the final 3 months. This can be done after receiving the case or after setting the ancillary matters whichever is later. The parties will then receive the Certificate of the Final judgment and this will conclude the divorce procedures Singapore.

Eligibility for divorce procedures in Singapore

  • If you are looking for the divorce, then the spouse must meet the below eligibility requirements under the section of 93 and 94 of the Women’s charter.
  • At the point of divorce, the Spouse must be a domicile of Singapore or resident in Singapore from the last 3 years before the proceeding of the divorce.
  • Been married for the last 3 years unless the party who is filing the divorce has suffered from exceptional unreasonable hardship and cruel behavior.
  • If you are married under Muslim law, then the above requirement would apply to you. You need to look specifically at divorce under Muslim law.