Is digital trading all that good?

            When it comes to trading digitally there are some factors to consider, they maybe beneficial for you, or they may not. On GDAX there are advantages and disadvantages of this, and it’s important to consider it before you decide to make any decisions.

Why is it good?

            This trading method is very popular nowadays and is more popular than Coinbase, it’s good because it supports multiple cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Stellar. Plus it is extremely reliable and safe as they store 98% of the funds in offline wallets, so it makes it invulnerable to hacks. And if you have a coinbase account you can easily transfer the funds to your current account with out any hassles, so you have nothing to worry about.

What are the cons?

            So just like anything that is good there are bound to be costs. Here in GDAX one of the cons is that the reach is limited, only a select number of countries can buy and sell crypto using fiat currency. And within the supported countries only some of them like the US and some European countries will allow trading to be done. Furthermore this is not for beginners, it maybe difficult for some to navigate, especially if they are coming for coinbase.

Is it better than coinbase?

            These two may seem like they are the same, but actually they are different, coinbase is for easy buying and selling, whereas this is used to trade digital assets. So sometime both can be good and sometimes both may have its disadvantages, it depends what you want to do.

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