US immigration lawyer in Toronto, ON and how You find One

The immigration lawyer must check all possible routes for you. If you are found eligible, the immigration lawyer must submit an appropriate application for permanent residency based on employment or a business.

  • Green card (permanent residency).
  • Green card based on family ties (family reunification).
  • Employment-based green card (eb-1, eb-2) – the United States has 5 types of visas and permanent residency on an employment basis. These visas are marked eb-1 through eb-5. These are usually managers or senior executives in companies, people with advanced degrees, clerics, etc.

Various types of visas

It is said there are several types of visas. For example, there is a u.s.Visa is given to diplomats, airline employees, students, reporters, etc. There is also a visa to work in the United States, which is a visa that can be temporary or permanent and is given to first-degree relatives of someone who is a u.s.Citizen. There is also an immigration visa for family reunification. There are also temporary visas that allow for several actions or objectives, and it is called a “regular visa” and is considered type b1 or b2.

Law of The State

The law states that any person applying for a regular (temporary) visa will have the burden of proof to prove that his intention is not to immigrate to the United States. The applicant for this visa needs to convince and bring evidence that he has a center of life in his residence, along with checking marital status, profession, organized work, assets, etc. All of which could indicate a center of life. It should be noted that the consul will be convinced by the totality of the circumstances and not something specific. The consul is the decider and should not be appealed (not even in court). Therefore, many times young people are refused a visa because they cannot prove the center of their life.

us immigration lawyer in Toronto, ON,will handle the entire application process, including from the stage of clarifying eligibility to receive the passport or sunrises until it is received.

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