Step up into a healthier tomorrow

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The continuous development in science & technology has not only made us highly dependent on gadgets but also ensured that our physical activity gets restricted to a minimal level. Moreover, our modern lifestyle is typically deskbound, leaning towards untimely working hours, inadequate sleep and unhealthy food habits. All this has led to an increase in obesity and lifestyle diseases. To help you break out of this sedentary lifestyle Rewardz brings to you Flabuless: A complete corporate wellness program that incorporates a fun corporate step challenge that encourages employees to earn redeemable reward points through healthy competition.

Step more, win more

With one of a kind point-based incentive system, Flabuless rewards its users for walking the extra mile, engaging in a healthy activity, or attending a wellness event. With Flabuless you can engage in challenges that will have you and your team competing both locally and regionally to promote the greater good of health.

With customizable challenges, turn fitness into fun.Earn points for health-related activities and challenges to maintain a fun and transparent leaderboard that encourages goal-setting and healthy competition.

With the Corporate Step Challenge, compete as individuals or teams with state-of-the-art step tracking features that sync with your native apps and wearable devices giving you efficient and trusted results. Customize your challenges and fly up the leaderboard by earning redeemable reward points to enjoy a range of affiliated eateries, recreational outlets, lifestyle products/services, entertainment vouchers, and health and luxury items – all at your fingertips.

Get the Flabuless Mobile Solution, and step up into a healthier tomorrow.

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