Create a Top Rated Video with a Great Soundtrack

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Lift-up Your Video in the High Rank Position

Nowadays, publishing a personal made video is no longer difficult. You can release it in your fingertips on Youtube or Vimeo. The audience will review your video quality. If they thought your video is in good quality and helpful, your video might review in various type of music blog, receive more thumbs and downloaded by so many people all around the world. Therefore, the following tips will explain some recommendation for you to create your own video in a maximum result.

  1. Select Music Mood

The first step is to review the overall video to see some major point to add music background. Each point might require a different style of music. One might need a slow tempo, and another could have a fast tempo. The right selection would support the overall impression of a situation which reflected the real-life situation.

  1. Choose a Genre

After you review overall video and select the mood, then you must have a clear idea about what is the proper genre to pick. Prevent to choose music in extreme condition that might affect your audience feel. The proper soundtrack would become a first page in the music blog review. Remember that the audience is not only you but people in the entire world.

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  1. Utilize Lyrics

The lyrics of your music soundtrack would help your audience to understand the message of your video. However, it the video itself has their own narration, the mix of narration and the lyric would not be good to read. Choose a right timing to show the lyrics and give a clear message in the video scene play.

  1. Mix with various type of music

Sometimes, it is good to use software that can help to mix various songs. Multiple categories of music can help to give the different situation in the scene play. For example, in the wedding scene you can add a cheerful and elegant song; meanwhile, for a funeral scene, you might use another type of sad music.

  1. Use a free copyright music

Be aware to choose a mix of songs in your video, because that music might already have a copyright with it. As an alternative, you can choose a various type of free songs from YouTube or Vimeo that could be added into your video. Indeed, there are many samples of the great personal video had created with a free music. You can learn from this video to see how the free songs could contribute to yours.

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