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There was a time when people waited for hours in queues outside the cinema halls to get the tickets for the first show of the movies they had been waiting for months to release. People not even imagined in those days that there will arrive a time when they will be able to watch their long-awaited movies within seconds after their release that too from their home. This could be made possible with the magical innovations of technology. OTT platforms are such gifts of innovation that provided some real source of entertainment during the lockdown days. 

Aha is one such OTT platform developed entirely in the Telugu language, and every media available there is either created in Telugu language or is dubbed into the Telugu language from other languages. So, besides the best Telugu movies, you will also find certain other famous movies created in certain other languages dubbed into the Telugu version. Besides, you can watch the latest and old movies at your convenient time with Telugu subtitles. 


The movie Mail is also known as KambalapallyKathalu Chapter 1: Mail is a Telugu language movie released in 2021. It is a comedy film whose writer as well as the director is UdayGuralla. The movie producer is Priyanka Dutt, and it has released under the banner of Swapna Cinema. For the first time on 12th January on the Aha OTT platform, the movie premiered, and its stars Priyadarshi and some other debutants like Harshith, Malgireddy, Mani Aeguurla and GouriPriya. It is a 116 minutes long movie, and SweekarAgasthi and Kumaran have given music.

The movie’s story is set in the early 2000s when the computer was getting introduced to some of India’s small villages. The movie Mail is considered the first chapter in the series of KambalapallyKathulu. Hybath (Priyadarshi) is a photographer who buys a computer for her work and attracts the village’s youths. Ravi (Harshith Reddy) was a boy who was too much curious about the computer. He learns to operate the computer and even creates an email-id. Then one day, he receives an email stating that he has received two crores. And the rest of the movie is regarding the impact the mail makes on his life. 

In the end

The movie ‘Mail’ is considered one of the best comedy movies released in 2021, and it gained huge popularity within days after its release on the Aha OTT platform. The movie was capable of grabbing such attraction from a huge Telugu population because of its relevant storyline. Besides, people could watch the movie from their homes’ comfort as it was released directly on Aha. If you want to watch Mail movie online, you can simply do it by subscribing to the famous Telugu OTT app named Aha. By getting this app, you can also watch certain other movies made in various languages and dubbed into Telugu versions and Telugu Subtitles.

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