How much do you know about CBD oil?

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CBD oils are considered a dietary supplement due to their composition and method of oral use. For some time now there have been more and more new products containing CBD or cannabidiol, in different forms, but oils remain among the easiest products to use and can adapt to all profiles of consumers.Click here for cbd oil canada.

How is cbd oil made?

The CBD contained in CBD oils is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from hemp and more specifically from the Cannabis Sativa L plant. CBD should not be confused with THC, which also originates from certain varieties of cannabis, because their effects are not at all the same. When THC has direct effects on the nervous system and induces “high” states, CBD does not induce highs and does not affect the nervous system, but provides a relaxing effect. CBD is now legal in many countries, and products containing it must meet many conditions in order to be marketed legally.

CBD extraction methods

The CBD contained in the oils is extracted in different ways; certain methods allow a better final rendering and a better purity of the components. There are generally three possible extraction methods for CBD:

Oil Extraction

CBD can be extracted using food grade oils. These oils can be hemp, olive or other oils, depending on individual preferences. With this method of extraction, we have the advantage of not having harmful chemical residues.Visit this site for cbd oil Canada.


Supercritical CO2 extraction is the method par excellence for the extraction of CBD, but it remains expensive and complicated to implement. With this extraction we have a high level of purity, it is also a very clean method.


Solvent extraction

This is an inexpensive extraction method but which has the great disadvantage of leaving traces in the product obtained. It is also a dangerous method which, if not carried out correctly, can lead to very dangerous accidents.

Brands producing good quality CBD oils generally prefer the CO2 extraction method.

The different types of oil

Usually a CBD oil is the result of mixing a CBD extract (in the form of crystals or a paste) with a vegetable oil. We can therefore find CBD oils with different recipes based on very diverse oils: olive oils, hemp oils …

Some manufacturers also add aromatic extracts in their recipes to make the taste of these oils more pleasant. There are also terpenes in some oils that participate in the flavor, smell and effects of the oil.

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