Let Us Know About The Capability Of Melanotan 2 Dosage

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Drugs play a vital role in treating a patient. Medication is highly dependant on drugs. Drugs can be either man-made or naturally formed. Chemists started working on different drugs which gives different results when used on humans. Some drugs showed positive results where some showed vulnerable results. There are some drugs which first showed results for one problem and later when developed cured different problems. One such drug is Melanotan. It is called with various names such as Barbie drug, Melanotan I, Melanotan II, and many more. It is developed as similar to a hormone in the body. The first purpose on which this drug was developed is to treat skin issues. It was used for treating skin tan. It was also found later that it can treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. A certain level of melanotan 2 dosage is used in skin cancer treatment. It has the nature of Synthetic Hormone.

Effects of Melanotan II on human body

Melanocyte-stimulating hormone which is responsible for the darkening of the skin is similar to Melanotan II. This hormone produces pigments that work for the darkening of the skin.

  • Melanotan II is advised to inject around the stomach area as it should be injected in the bulk layer of tissues.
  • Melanotan II should be habituated to the body gradually so the initial shot should be of 0.1ml daily. When used for Erectile Dysfunction dosage must be around 0.025 mg/kg.
  • The melanotan 2 dosage should be monitored carefully and the frequency of shots should be reduced if reached the desired skin tone. Overdosage is not appreciable.
  • Shots of Melanotan II lasts up to six months in our body.
  • The drug is designed for the treatment of skin but it has an acute side effect of causing acne and dizziness.
  • It takes almost 30 minutes for the shot to show its effect. Some times it may stretch up to 60 mins.
  • It is believed that Melanotan II has the power of burning cholesterol in long-term use. However, it is not proven by the druggists.

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Products made out of Melanotan II are mostly used in gym products. It is widely used in the manufacturing of saloon products, gym products, etc. As most of the results are not approved by chemists, the products are not permitted to be sold in many jurisdictions and few health agencies also warned not to use products with Melanotan II.  It is very necessary to be cautious while having melanotan 2 dosage as an additional dose can have side effects. It may lead to symptoms like nausea, vomiting. Some times it may show an impact on blood pressure too. However, the effect of Melanotan II is very beneficial to mankind when taken in adequate levels.

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