Post extraction precautions and instructions       

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Many people want to get their third molar extracted because of decay or any other such problems. Many people nowadays opting for wisdom tooth extraction singapore because of increased awareness among the public. Because earlier people used to think of few myths like removing the third molar means the person may lose knowledge and all but nowadays awareness in dental procedures came into light.

After the teeth removal, you need to follow few guidelines to be pain-free and even for better post-treatment results.

Here are few instructions to be followed for better recovery.


  • Don’t remove the cotton which is kept on the socket after extraction for about half an hour
  • Take cold fluids immediately after taking out the cotton from the mouth and take cold fluids for about one day so that the extraction site would be free from signs of inflammation.
  • Do not spit the sputum or blood which pools in the mouth, just swallow them for about 1 hour after extraction of teeth.
  • If pain is there you can use ice packs on the cheek area so that pain would be reduced, but do not keep the pack continuously.
  • Take medication as advised by the dentist to reduce the swelling or pain.
  • Take rest and plenty of fluids.
  • Don’t rinse your mouth heavily.
  • Do not keep the finger or tongue on the extraction site to check the area.


  • Don’t drink too hit fluids after removal of teeth as the bleed clot firmed may be disturbed due to hot fluids
  • Avoid smoking fit at least 24 hours after removal of teeth.
  • Don’t take spicy hot foods which irritates your mouth and at the site of tooth extraction, if the clot disturbs you over there, healing would be delayed and many other complications will be caused.

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